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Healing Hearts has both a small shelter space as well as foster homes where animals are available.  Interested in adopting from Healing Hearts? Read on to learn about our standard adoption process. Please use this as a guide as you begin your journey to finding a new family member.

Step 1: Adoption Application

After seeing an animal you are interested in, regardless of if you have questions or are unsure if the animal will be a good fit in your household, please begin our adoption process by filling out an adoption application. Your application simply shows that you are interested in an animal; it is not a binding contract.

Once your application is processed, it will also be sent to your chosen animal’s foster home for review, if that applies.

Step 2: Meet and Greet

Either an office volunteer or the animal’s foster parent will reach out to you to discuss the pet you are interested in to see if they might be a good fit for you, answer the questions you have, and schedule a meet and greet. 

Keep in mind that the rescue may be working with multiple applicants to find the best fit for the animal, and it is possible your application may not be chosen. This does not mean you are not approved to adopt an animal through our rescue. We would love to continue working with you to find you the right fit for your home!

step 3: ADoption contract and payment

If all parties decide to move forward with the adoption, we will provide the  adoption contract to you to be signed. We will also request adoption fee payment at the time of signature.


Adoption fees cover the cost of a foster animal’s spay/neuter surgery, age appropriate core (rabies and distemper) vaccinations, microchip implant, deworming, flea/tick preventative, and preventative blood work (a heartworm test for dogs and puppies over six months of age, and a FeLV/FIV test for cats and kittens).

step 4: Congratulations!

You will receive an adoption confirmation email when all applicable documentation is signed and completed. You are now ready to bring home your newly adopted pet!


Previous veterinary records will be sent to you via email after the adoption is processed. This may take up to a week.


After adoption we’d love to remain a resource for you if you have questions or concerns you need help addressing with your new pet. Please reach out to us at we can be of any assistance.

ready to adopt?

Your next family member is waiting!

Browse our available animals and fill out an adoption application to get started!

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