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Chacha & Maybelline

Chacha and Maybelline: A Tale of Resilience and Hope

Are you ready to be a hero in the lives of two extraordinary dogs? Chacha and Maybelline's story is one of triumph over adversity, and they are now seeking a patient and loving forever home to continue their incredible journey of healing.

In August 2022, Chacha and Maybelline were rescued from a heart-wrenching hoarding case that involved 85 dogs. They arrived at the rescue in a state of filth and fear, but the resilience they have shown since that time is nothing short of inspiring.

Chacha, a brave mama, was eight months pregnant upon arrival. She gave birth to eight adorable puppies, all while navigating the challenges of her own past trauma. She has made remarkable progress, now welcoming gentle touches and affection from Healing Heart volunteers. While Chacha may still shy away from being picked up, her heart has opened up to human companionship, and her transformation is truly heartwarming.

Maybelline, too, has made strides in her journey. She may approach you with caution, but her curiosity for treats and toys is a sign of her emerging trust. Though she may not yet be ready for physical touch, her spirit is slowly blossoming, and her potential is boundless.


Chacha and Maybelline have discovered the joys of play, the thrill of toys, and the comfort of a grassy lawn beneath their paws. While they've come far, their journey is far from over. They are in need of a forever home that will cherish their progress, respect their boundaries, and offer them the secure haven they deserve.


This is where the right adopter comes in. A patient heart,  commitment to their well-being, and dedication to the work of rescue can make all the difference. They require a foster-to-adopt approach, allowing them the time to acclimate to their new surroundings and to forge a bond at their own pace. 

Please note that the foster process will require you to visit our shelter, giving Chacha and Maybelline the opportunity to become acquainted with you. This step is crucial in building a strong foundation for their trust and eventual companionship.


Maybelline and Chacha  deserve a chance to thrive in a home environment, and their adopter will have the opportunity to be the turning point in their story of resilience and hope. 


  • Doxie/Chi mixes

  • Gender: Female

  • Coat Length: Short

  • Grooming Needs: Low

  • Current Weight: under 20 pounds

  • Estimated Birthdate: 2020

  • Yard Required: Yes

  • Fence Requirement: Yes

  • Declawed: No

  • Fully Vetted: Yes


Compatibility Attributes

  • Good with Dogs: Yes, with slow introduction

  • Good with Cats: No

  • Good with Young Kids: No

  • Older/Considerate Children: Unknown

  • Good with Adults: With slow introductions


Personality & Behavioral Traits

  • Housetrained/Littertrained: Yes

  • Obedience Trained Has basic training

  • Likes to Vocalize: Some

  • Energy Level: Moderate

  • Leashtrained: No

  • Reaction to New People: Fearful


Other Traits:

​Unsure if they are bonded; can show fear aggression; needs patient foster to adopt; lots of potential; need to be taught how to be dogs

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